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Account-Based Marketing is super efficient, but it’s also difficult to implement, we get it. Amazing brands hear about ABM, want to get started with it, but quickly face walls such as "Where to start? What tools should I get? Which team should I involve? How much budget should I allocate?"

We’ve launched hundreds of ABM programs, and we like to involve our clients into the thought process of our projects. So we thought: why not make the most of it by offering support to companies that are seeking a personalized consultancy for their ABM program?

What is ABM?

B2B marketers have tried multiple strategies in the past few decades. From traditional field marketing strategies with events, trade shows, and mass emails, they then move to inbound marketing, creating content and leveraging social media to engage with prospects

However, they tend to struggle to identify high-value prospects, create relevant content, and generate ROI

This is where account-based marketing (ABM) comes in.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a hyper-targeted growth strategy that empowers marketers to identify high-value target audiences and to create and deliver personalized content to reach better performance.

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- Cost Saving
- Increased team efficiency
- Process automation
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Why should you get an ABM workshop?

Getting external ABM support is great because you get expertise and it will be faster to implement. However, investing in training your internal team will ensure that you have no dependency to external providers and you can get full ownership of your ABM programs while upskilling your teams. We specialize in training marketing, growth and sales teams on ABM programs so you feel confident to launch and run programs internally. And if you still need our help and support to QA, we’re always an email away.

Choose your ABM training package

Get a Dedicated Training Manager that will handle...


Half a day

Get support in sorting a specific digital challenge, learn a particular topic
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1 to 2 days

Training plan definition, slide creation with your approval, training face to face or via Zoom (+ access to recording)

Full training + Consulting

2 days + Initial discovery
Workshop +  followed by a regular support based on the level of involvment required from our team

Your personalised ABM training creation process

Session 1 - ABM Concept & Definition

- What is ABM
- Alignment between  sales and marketing
- ABM techniques & their evolution
- Vocabulary and strategy
- Performance metrics (awareness, lead gen, revenue generation..)
- The Funnel approach

Session 2 - The pillars of ABM

- ICP Definition
- Aligning strategy with ABM efforts / campaigns
- Crafting personalized messaging per audience, channels
- Tech stack
- Marketing Ops
- Lead flow
- ABM advertising channels

Session 3 - Use Cases & Q&A

- Deploying a campaign plan based on training
- [Exercise] content creation plan for an upcoming ABM campaign
- Creating a workflow to launch and optimise ABM initiatives
What you can expect from ABM

Increased ROI & Average Deal Size


of companies using ABM have reported an increase in their average deal size


of companies report at least a 10% increase in revenue in the first year of a new ABM program, with an x3 to x5 ROI of their ABM program


of marketers achieved higher ROI with ABM than with any other marketing initiatives

ABM Training with MyDigipal

We offer flexible support to fit the missing parts of your puzzle. Making sure your ABM efforts are well crafted and followed up thoroughly. Reach out and start building your own service package

Interactive training

Not a “reading slides” sort of service, experience an interactive and engaging training session to learn ABM

Overall experience

Your trainer has extensive experience in the B2B digital field in order to teach you best practice. We select the trainer based on affinity with your brand and objectives

Personalized approach

Get the fundamentals of ABM right, then benefit from a training adapted to your current situation and upcoming projects

Value for money

We partner with leaders in training services and our quote corresponds to a 35% economy


Don’t take our word for it

“Empowered Marketing Strategy through Mydigipal”

"We were looking to improve our digital marketing efforts, but had a gap in the marketing team and over 12 internal tools to handle all digital marketing aspects. MyDigipal was able to overcome significant challenges, clearing the backlog of digital support in the regions, and successfully executed an ABM revamp across LinkedIn. Very Impressive."

Portrait of Brett Rieser
Directeur Marketing Digital EMEA
Brett Rieser
Digital Marketing Director EMEA
Better Cost per Lead
Better click-through rate
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“MyDigipal helped us turn digital challenges into a growth story.”

"From the ground up, MyDigipal's strategic acumen was invaluable. They didn't just consult; they immersed themselves in our mission, helping to orchestrate a digital symphony that resonated across the B2B landscape. Their contributions led to a suite of high-value leads, a significant uptick in conversions, and a dashboard that gave us a 360-degree view of our multi-channel performance, setting the stage for a future as bright as the AI technology we champion."

Portait of Surbhi Rathore
PDG et cofondateur de
Surbhi Rathore
CEO & Co-founder at
New Product Launched
Average Search CTR
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“Focused Strategy”

We approached this agency to improve our marketing efforts and sales pipeline. The ABM programs MyDigipal put in place helped Quantum Metrics identify and focus on the most valuable target accounts. We had refreshingly better lead quality and higher conversion rates. we were able to accelerate the deal closing process by 30%!

Portrait of Kelly Wright
Directrice Global Marketing chez Quantum Metric
Kelly Wright
Director of Marketing Global at Quantum Metric
Increase in click-through rate
Decrease in cost per lead
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The MyDigipal Service Stack

It takes a village to deploy ABM, let us immerse into your whole sales and marketing service stack to achieve your objectives

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Based Marketing in a nutshell?

Account-based marketing is a hyper-targeted growth strategy that brings sales and marketing teams together to create personalized campaigns delivered to an identified set of high-value target accounts

Who is ABM for?

Businesses who seek to engage with a specific ICP / Persona by leveraging the latest digital marketing initiatives available. Great for Tech / SaaS / Finance / Pharmaceutical, and much more industries in terms of lead identification and engagement

What channels are used in Account Based Marketing?

This largely depends on where your key accounts are. For a B2B account, we would expect LinkedIn to factor in as an important channel; there may be a need for paid search, email, and even a direct mail element. The critical part is understanding how we reach your audience in their preferred communication arena – as we’ve said already on this page, it’s about truly aligning your business with their business to get the best possible outcome

How can you measure the ROI of Account Based Marketing?

It’s simple. This is not a scattergun approach or a fishing exercise. It’s so targeted, the sales teams will have their contact list of key accounts and be able to link up all new inquiries, new leads, and new business, as the campaign gets underway. As so much of the campaign is digital, we’ll be able to measure response rates, conversions, and goals achieved too

Can you use marketing automation for your ABM campaigns?

You certainly can. It makes a huge amount of sense as it allows everything to be organized and flowing on time. Everyone (sales and marketing) has sight of everything at any given time and this means momentum continues unhindered and your audience gets the best experience

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