Genesys: Cultivating Connections: How MyDigipal Amplified Digital Dialogue


Genesys is a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. The company operates in more than 12 different regions in the EMEA and serves over 11,000 customers worldwide. The company was looking to improve its digital marketing efforts, including content creation, localization, paid media campaigns, and account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.


Genesys had a gap in the marketing team and over 12 internal tools to handle all digital marketing aspects. Taking into consideration the different markets, their differences, whilst keeping an alignment can be challenging. Due to the fast pace environment, flexibility around working hours was required. Additionally, we were required to deploy a complete ABM revamp across LinkedIn, which required a significant amount of resources and planning.


At MyDigipal, we worked closely with Genesys to manage all internal tools efficiently, ensuring that all employees were trained within a couple of weeks. We also collaborated with local marketing managers in each region to create banners, videos, ad content, and ebooks that resonated with local audiences. To overcome the backlog of digital support, we proactively came up with new strategies, workflows, and automations to generate better performance. In a single week, a total of 75h of work has been completed in order to ensure the success of a great campaign. By creating a strong bond between our team and Genesys, we have allowed a natural setup of trust and collaboration which has made work as efficient as enjoyable.


We successfully supported Genesys in all aspects of digital marketing. With our expertise and hard work, we managed to clear the backlog of digital support in the regions, resulting in freeing time for Genesys to execute other priorities. In terms of platform performance, most indicators are showing green

20% better cost per lead
Opportunities detected via our ABM efforts
Better click-through rate (CTR) on LinkedIn

The ABM efforts led to an acceleration in deal closing and increase in pipeline attributed to ABM efforts, resulting in more engagement towards Genesys' accounts.


Working with Genesys, MyDigipal was able to overcome significant challenges, clear the backlog of digital support in the regions, and successfully execute an ABM revamp across LinkedIn. Our expertise, proactivity, and commitment helped Genesys achieve better cost per lead, increased CTR, acceleration in deal closing, and increase in pipeline attributed to ABM efforts. Our efforts resulted in better engagement towards Genesys' accounts, and Genesys was pleased with our performance, making it a successful collaboration.

Brett Reiser

Digital Marketing Director EMEA