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Product launch via Google Ads
5.2% Average Search CTR
Introduction to Social media

Who is builds understanding and generative AI that comprehends human conversations giving machines the ability to understand communications better than humans – transforming the landscape of unlocking unstructured data for businesses at scale.

A unicorn MyDigipal is proud to accompany into B2B Digital growth.


The team reached out to us when they were getting started on addressing a brand-new audience for a new product. They needed to understand how to efficiently reach this audience. At the time, they didn’t have a LinkedIn ad account and needed advice and guidance and how to quickly launch their first campaign.

The team also needed help to identify warm prospects and implement relevant content and cadences to warm up prospects that had not yet shown enough intent.

On paid search, there were a few campaigns in place but with low-relevancy keywords and tracking focused on low-quality data (i.e., tracking website traffic as conversions). They did not have tracking of relevant conversion items such as Contact Sales, Contact us, or eBook download and were lacking centralized reporting.


Defining ICP & Target Audience

We helped identify and structure audiences for two verticals, shared a list of content needed and advised on the best channels to reach this audience starting with LinkedIn and Google Ads.

Building the Structure for Demand-Gen 

Together with the team, we defined the structure needed to get demand-generation programs started (messaging, audience, content, channels, budget…).

Getting the Foundations Right

We reviewed and fixed tracking on all channels and built a centralized dashboard to track performance. We also clearly defined KPIs at each step of the funnel.

Launching Lead Scoring & Nurture

We launched the lead scoring framework and implemented the first lead nurture journey on Marketo to warm up post-webinar leads. We drafted the first always-on nurture journey.

Launching the First ABM Campaign

We coordinated and launched the 1st ABM campaign from beginning to end: defined and set up the audience, coordinated the content creation, and the setup of ads and campaigns.

Improving Conversion with CRO

With the paid media campaign we were able to drive more traffic to the website so we wanted to increase the conversion rate of the landing page to drive more demand. We made recommendations to the team to improve the efficiency of their web pages and eventually drive more leads.


Improved Engagement & Conversion

With an average CTR of 5.2%, which is higher than an average benchmark of 2-3% for this industry, and the multiple platform sign-ups and contact us conversions, Google Ads has been a big driver of engagement and leads.

ABM Demand-Generation

Within a few weeks of the launch of the first ABM programs, the first high-value leads & accounts started to come through the funnel. This was the first time that didn’t only rely on the PLG motion and was able to actively target strategic accounts.

Improved Visibility

With the Looker Studio report that we built for, they now have a 360 view to analyze performance across multiple channels.

Providing Initiatives & Direction to Digital Marketing

As works in such a recent & innovative market, having a structured digital plan was a must. By tackling the fundations right at the start, we’ve been able to then create a short / mid & long term plan with defined objectives and steps to go through.

Many more adventures to come with, we’ll update this case study as we go.

Surbhi Rathore

CEO & Co-founder at