Grabbing opportunities through Paid Search

Grab the readily available opportunities

Your potential customers are actively seeking solutions like yours at this very moment. If you're not reaching out to them, someone else certainly is.

We'll identify the quickest paths to generate revenue and craft campaigns focused on the existing demand for your solution. We'll guide you to narrow down your focus to discover the most economical methods for initiating sales conversations

Transform into a market research powerhouse

Empower your sales team as market researchers. They engage with prospects daily, providing valuable insights into problem framing and solution searches. Utilizing these insights and ongoing keyword research, paid search becomes your agile testing ground to connect and convert your target audience

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Creating an Effective Purchase Journey

Demand spans the customer journey, from initial research to potential sales prospects. Our strategy includes informative problem-solving content, solution comparisons, and focused landing pages.

Using paid search, we ensure visibility at every step and guide with informative content, comparisons, and targeted landing pages

Optimizing Metrics for Success

B2B businesses and agencies often narrow their focus exclusively on metrics provided by ad platforms. This approach can lead to inaccurate targeting, low-quality leads, and campaigns that don't align with sales objectives.

We go beyond platform metrics to gain a comprehensive understanding of how campaigns impact revenue


Don’t take our word for it

“Empowered Marketing Strategy through Mydigipal”

"We were looking to improve our digital marketing efforts, but had a gap in the marketing team and over 12 internal tools to handle all digital marketing aspects. MyDigipal was able to overcome significant challenges, clearing the backlog of digital support in the regions, and successfully executed an ABM revamp across LinkedIn. Very Impressive."

Portrait of Brett Rieser
Directeur Marketing Digital EMEA
Brett Rieser
Digital Marketing Director EMEA
Better Cost per Lead
Better click-through rate
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“MyDigipal helped us turn digital challenges into a growth story.”

"From the ground up, MyDigipal's strategic acumen was invaluable. They didn't just consult; they immersed themselves in our mission, helping to orchestrate a digital symphony that resonated across the B2B landscape. Their contributions led to a suite of high-value leads, a significant uptick in conversions, and a dashboard that gave us a 360-degree view of our multi-channel performance, setting the stage for a future as bright as the AI technology we champion."

Portait of Surbhi Rathore
PDG et cofondateur de
Surbhi Rathore
CEO & Co-founder at
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“Focused Strategy”

We approached this agency to improve our marketing efforts and sales pipeline. The ABM programs MyDigipal put in place helped Quantum Metrics identify and focus on the most valuable target accounts. We had refreshingly better lead quality and higher conversion rates. we were able to accelerate the deal closing process by 30%!

Portrait of Kelly Wright
Directrice Global Marketing chez Quantum Metric
Kelly Wright
Director of Marketing Global at Quantum Metric
Increase in click-through rate
Decrease in cost per lead
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It takes a village to deploy ABM, let us immerse into your whole sales and marketing service stack to achieve your objectives

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