Quantum Metrics: ABM from Scratch to the Cloud


Quantum Metrics had very little ABM programs in place and their marketing strategy was lacking focus on their target accounts. They were struggling to generate enough leads and close deals within a reasonable time frame. They approached our agency to help them improve their marketing efforts and accelerate their sales pipeline.


Our agency started by conducting a thorough analysis of Quantum Metrics's marketing and sales processes. We identified the key target accounts and personas, and developed a comprehensive ABM strategy that aligned with their business goals.

To implement the ABM strategy, we created a list of target accounts and utilised LinkedIn as the primary platform for outreach. We crafted personalised messaging and creative assets that spoke directly to the pain points and needs of each target account.

We launched the first LinkedIn campaign using our account list and saw an immediate increase in engagement from our top accounts. We continued to iterate and optimise the campaign to improve results.


The ABM programs we put in place helped Quantum Metrics identify and focus on the most valuable target accounts, resulting in better lead quality and higher conversion rates

The first LinkedIn campaign we launched generated a significant amount of engagement from our top accounts. We saw a 60% increase in click-through rate (CTR) compared to previous campaigns, and a 25% decrease in cost per lead (CPL)

With a more focused and targeted approach, we were able to accelerate the deal closing process by 30%, which resulted in a faster sales cycle and increased revenue.

The close collaboration and rapport we built with the Quantum Metrics team allowed us to integrate smoothly into their organization, and as a result, our agency became obsolete. We were thrilled to see the client take control of their marketing and sales efforts, and we remain a trusted partner for future initiatives.


Our partnership with Quantum Metrics stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed ABM strategy. By homing in on the essential target accounts and tailoring our outreach, we turned potential leads into engaged stakeholders. The results were nothing short of spectacular—a remarkable uptick in lead quality and a significant shortening of the sales cycle, culminating in a robust 30% acceleration in deal closures.

Kelly Wright

Director of Marketing Global at Quantum Metrics