GWI: Tailored Campaigns for Targeted Success

Over 70 campaigns managed over Search, Social, and Display
+20% of SQL from Paid Media (Q1 vs Q3 2023)
+100% in MQL to SQL ratio (as of November 2023)


GWI is an audience research company founded by Tom Smith in 2009. GWI is modernized consumer research – global, on-demand, and accessible to everyone, not just data experts. It’s a platform designed for companies that want fresh and insightful data about their consumers. Values, purchase journeys, media usage, social media habits - we cover it all. With data representing nearly 3 billion people across 50+ countries, GWI has become the go-to for agencies, brands, and media companies that want to know what really drives their audience to action.


When GWI reached out to us, they were overachieving their MQL targets and were looking for support while building their internal team to improve the overall lead quality to help with  SQL targets, and wanted to understand why and how they could be more efficient. They wanted to focus on better quality leads showing more intent as opposed to generating a large number of leads that didn’t tend to convert into customers. Also, GWI was keen to tap into their very loyal customer base to cross-sell and upsell.

They needed support on:

  • How their campaigns were doing and what could be improved
  • How their nurture programs were set up and how they could help better qualify leads and drive engagement and intent
  • How to improve the website and landing page experience with conversion in mind
  • How their marketing operations system and sales funnel were set up and whether it was enabling them to route leads efficiently and automate lead grading and scoring



When we started working with GWI, we started with an audit of their channels, website, landing pages, nurtures, and marketing operation tech stack. We provided extensive audit reports with quick wins and a mid to long-term vision of what needed to be done to get to an optimal state.


We suggested shortening the pages, for messaging to be more benefit-focused and to start A/B testing the page structure and content to understand what resonates with the audience.

Nurture stream

We recommended rolling out more industry-specific nurture while looking at potentially launching new persona-specific nurtures. We also suggested making the data collected consistent across the board.

Revamping paid media programs

We completely revamped the Google Ads account to focus on intent keywords while still targeting industry keywords to generate content downloads. On Paid Social, we conducted an audience workshop to rebuild a campaign targeting that is more aligned with GWI’s objectives and strengths. We also launched regional campaigns that aligned with GWI’s strict budget requirements. To be more strategic and leverage first-party and intent data we also helped GWI to implement an ABM platform and guided them to launch their first campaigns using this tool.


We built a 360 Looker report for GWI to access top-of-the-funnel metrics about the website, paid search, paid social, and ABX programs. We build Hubspot dashboards to track the impact on lead generation, and pacing of MQL and SQL targets as well as pipeline generation. We also reviewed and improved the lead scoring for it to reflect as much as possible the reality of how warm GWI’s leads are. To help with visibility, we created a lead forecast sheet for paid media to better evaluate the efficiency of our programs and the accuracy of some of our assumptions.



Today, GWI has much better visibility of their funnel and the levers they can pull to impact their ability to reach targets. They can also track their program efficiency from top to bottom of the funnel.


We improved the MQL to SQL conversion by 100% in November 2023. We’re still working on improving that ratio and bringing it to the industry standards but it has impacted the pipeline positively.

Meredith Bayley

Head of Demand Generation at GWI