Improve your website ranking on Google

Be the first to appear when a potential customer searches the search engine for keywords related to a model or brand you have in stock.

Users type a keyword, your site appears, the user has the option to visit the web page linked to this model. The best way to get low-cost conversions!

Automotive Benchmark

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Conversion rate

5% automotive and 2.5% all industries

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compared to 8% in the automotive sector and
3% for all industries combined.

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Cost per Click

compared to 2€ automotive benchmark

Display your banners & videos on third-party sites

Generate quality traffic to your website by showing your banners and videos as banners on all Google channels.

Aim for a quality audience by precisely targeting users who have consumed web content indicating an automotive project in progress.

If you do not have banners or videos available, our team can create them for you

Content Creation

Allocate the budget according to your objectives

Each brand has its campaign, each model has its sub-campaign. This allows you to create personalized ads based on searches, as well as analyze performance precisely. Thanks to a well-defined Google Ads account structure, distribute the budget and efforts towards the brands / models that interest you the most.

Brand Model and Keywords diagram

To analyze the performance of your campaigns, benefit from a simple and clear reporting tool.

Tracking and Reporting

Google Ads Highest Return on investment tool for car dealerships

Google Ads is the most effective channel for reaching customers because it leverages user intent. When a potential buyer searches for a specific model or brand, you can present them with tailored content that meets their needs.

Although major car manufacturers also use Google Ads, the local and personal touch of your dealership gives you a competitive edge.

Additionally, integrating Google Ads with your social media campaigns can enhance your reach and performance. For optimal results and detailed strategies, visit our dedicated page.

Paid Social for Automotive
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Personalized & qualified audience

Promote used cars based on the target audience. Need to sell cars from a particular brand? Request a specific filter and only show ads for that category.

Otherwise, let Google's algorithm associate searches with offers from your dealership

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Ads to Promote Used Cars

Positioning your dealership as the top choice

Target particular brands and models when you have a large stock, or target more generic keywords (buy used car less than €10,000, used leboncoin, lacentrale, etc.)

Be in pole position on Google for used car searches:
Position yourself as the solution of choice for prospects who are actively looking for a used car.

Positive Dealership Engagement

Events such as open days, clearance sales or the inauguration of a new model associate your dealership with positive values ​​among prospects.

Promoting your events on Google also allows you to obtain more participations and registrations.

Let us choose the audience who demonstrates an interest in an automotive project, or target people you already know.

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The Benefits of Google Ads

One Month with MyDigipal

Existing clients

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"Revolutionizing Lead Generation with Facebook Dynamic Ads"

"Partnering with MyDigipal has revolutionized our approach to online advertising. Utilizing Facebook Dynamic Ads, they have transformed our lead generation process, resulting in a significant increase in high-quality leads. Their precise targeting and creative solutions have set a new standard for our marketing efforts."

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Director of Marketing
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1216 Leads
on facebook
> 341 Projects

How the Vulcain Group strengthened its digital presence and generated more leads

"Our partnership with MyDigipal is a true success. Their exceptional expertise in managing our online advertising campaigns has significantly enhanced our visibility. Their dedicated and responsive team has accurately met our needs, offering targeted and innovative campaigns."

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Marketing and Communications Manager
Vanina Faure
Marketing and Communication Manager at Vulcain
15% of total
Representation of total
site conversion

"Achieving Remarkable Growth in Online Visibility with MyDigipal"

"Working with MyDigipal has been an exceptional experience. From the onset, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our market and objectives. They crafted a strategic plan that has significantly enhanced our online presence, driving more traffic and generating valuable leads. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in our success."

Lucile Gonnet
Web Marketing Manager at EDA
+ 500%
Increase in website traffic
Decrease in cost per lead

"Customized Strategy Leads to Over 100 Personalized Campaigns Monthly"

"MyDigipal has played a crucial role in amplifying our digital presence. Their team devised a customized strategy that allowed us to manage over 100 personalized campaigns each month. This tailored approach has ensured that our marketing efforts are consistently aligned with our business objectives, driving impressive results and engagement."

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Marketing Manager at Groupe Theobald
Jennifer Grand
Marketing Manager at Groupe Theobald
of total conversions coming
from Google Ads
+ 43%
Increase in total conversions
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