Vulcain Group: Digital Strategy & Lead Gen


Vulcain Group is a leading car dealership in France, offering a wide range of car models from various brands. Xavier was managing a dealership marketing and met with Paul at MyDigipal right at the beginning of their career. From working on small website & projects, to help them increase their digital presence and generate more leads across 37 websites, a whole adventure has linked both brands. So many aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Display/Video, and Reporting & Data. This case study highlights how we helped Vulcain Group achieve its digital marketing objectives.

SEO & Website

We started by creating content for 78 different car models and handling all SEO technical aspects. We also migrated 37 websites into one single group site. This move helped the company improve its website's structure and made it easier for users to find the information they need. Within a month, the new website caught up performance compared to the performance of the 37 separate ones.

Google Ads

We focused on tripling the traffic coming to the website through good quality keyword research. We shifted resources and attention based on current commercial objectives and created 1200+ ad content personalized for each car/brand/dealership. This move helped increase the number of leads generated by three times.

Social Media

We deployed campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote offers and events. We also ran campaigns to promote the company's synchronized stock of cars (Facebook catalog ads) and retargeted people who visited the website with personalized offers. Additionally, we helped dealers with their day-to-day requests, such as issues with access to a page, media budget invoice needed, and account disabled. This move cleared the backlog of digital support in the local dealerships.


We created ad content (video, banners) and managed campaigns to target the best audience based on interest, content consumed in the past, and remarketing list. This move helped the company increase its brand visibility and generate more leads.

Reporting & Data

We tracked all potential conversions and created an omnichannel report to see performance with the possibility to slice and dice the data. We proactively came up with new strategies, workflows, and automations to generate better performance. We also held monthly meetings with dealership directors to review performance, suggest next steps, and get feedback on upcoming initiatives. Lastly, we set up integration between advertising platforms and CRM to see revenue on investment from a click to a contract signature at the dealership.


Our efforts led to significant improvements in Vulcain Group's digital presence and generated more leads for the company. Some of the notable results include:

2.5x better cost per lead
Increase of 3x amount of leads generated
Cleared the backlog of digital support in the local dealerships
New businesses won in fleet market


Vulcain Group was able to achieve its digital marketing objectives through our help as a digital marketing agency. By focusing on different aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Display/Video, and Reporting & Data, we were able to increase the company's digital presence and generate more leads. The company's increased online visibility also helped them win new businesses in the fleet market.

Xavier Rolland

Director of Marketing at Vulcain