MyDigipal Podcast#1 What's wrong with your ABM?

MyDigipal Podcast#1 - experts Bruce, Alizée, and Paul explore ABM's landscape, addressing key challenges and strategies for success in a post-COVID world.

 MyDigipal Podcast#1 What's wrong with your ABM?

There are hundreds of ways to fail at ABM, in this episode of our webinar podcast series, experts Bruce, Alizée, and Paul delve into the evolving landscape of Account Based Marketing (ABM).

This discussion addresses pressing challenges and innovative strategies crucial for ABM success in a post-COVID world.

Episode Highlights:

- Introduction to ABM Challenges: The trio kicks off with a presentation of their companies—TheRC and MyDigipal—and a look into their personal ABM journeys, including insights from Bruce's award-winning experience at Genesys.

- PLG Limitations: Bruce explores why Product-Led Growth strategies may fall short in today's market dynamics.

- Resource Constraints: Paul discusses how businesses can maintain marketing efficiency amidst budget and team cuts, with a focus on the "4 Pillars of ABM".

- Quality Over Quantity: Alizée emphasizes the shift from broad targeting to precise, quality-focused engagement and the necessity of an omnichannel approach.

- 2024 ABM Innovations: The conversation shifts to the use of AI for ABM, the importance of defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and effective segmentation.

- Operational Tactics: Alizée sheds light on setting up multi-channel campaigns, defining KPIs, and the crucial role of marketing operations.

Tune in to Gain:

- Practical insights on overcoming common ABM hurdles.Expert advice on enhancing your ABM strategies with the latest tools and approaches.

- A comprehensive understanding of ABM from planning to execution.

Don’t miss out on this valuable session filled with actionable insights to refine your marketing strategies for greater impact.

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Paul Andre

Paul Andre

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Paul Andre

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